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Real poker chips are the powder in your poker muskett. Your choice of poker chips is critical and will effect every aspect of a real poker game.

"Fish" n Chips

Ten years ago you needed to speak Chinese, sell a kidney and know a secret handshake to get a decent set of poker chips. Luckily the poker boom reversed supply and demand. You can even buy a set of budget poker chips in your local supermarket for the price of a crate of beer!

Budget poker chips

The poor man's poker chip is invariably made of rubber (cheap plastic at the extreme) and offer the sensory experience akin to licking a bar of soap. Find little joy in stacking bottle tops. But cheap, cheerful and a perfect starter pack.

Casino Quality Chips

For the slightly larger wallet, welcome to the modern day triumph that is the clay composite poker chip set. Beautiful clacking and stacking. 

Real poker chips

Quality designs and enough weight in the hand to feel like a lumberjack wielding an axe. Real casino chips weigh in at about 10.5 grams of pure testosterone. The professional poker chip set is for life, not for Christmas, and great value if you break it down per year of living (fingers crossed)!

Treasure Chips

The antique poker chip set is the ultimate poker status symbol. These old chips date back from the Old West and beyond and are dripping in poker history.

Antique mother of pearl poker chips

The antique poker chip is often made of more luxurious materials such as ivory and mother of pearl. In 2009 an 18th century rose fleur-de-lis ivory set sold for $20,000. In 2008 retiree Sandy Marbs listed a single $1 Showboat Vegas chip on Ebay, starting price $2.25. Ms Marbs did not know this chip was one of only three in existance. The final sale price for her SINGLE vintage poker chip was $28,988. For people who like the finer things in poker life!

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The Real Poker Guy blog keeps a keen watch on the real poker world, bringing you the news with a mischievous glint in his poker eye.

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