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Cool poker shirts

Poker shirts are the battle armour of every real poker player. Style or substance, your choice of poker shirt will send out a message to your poker foes and let's you wear your heart on your poker chest.

Loud and Proud

Loud poker shirts are for the extrovert, the player who isn't afraid to be noticed when the chips are down and thrives on the unwanted attention.

Mambo poker shirt

The Mambo "loud" range of poker shirts are the ultimate all-in your face statement. Ending production, manufacturer Mambo stated that "'although the line has had a great run, nowadays it's seen as only being worn by middle aged guys at BBQs." Hell yes, and at the very best poker tables! An enduring classic.

Big Slick

Designer poker shirts are for the up market card connoisseur, a player confident in their poker who wants the table to know they buy his clothes.

Designer poker shirt

Italian fashion house Moschino design the holy grail of poker shirts. Designs featuring poker cards feature regularly in their collections and their catalogue also includes designer skirts, purses etc. Poker shirt coutre for a more cultured poker pimpernel... one with deep pockets.

The Joker

Poker shirts that don't take themselves too seriously, like to get a laugh (not just for their poor play) and want the table to relax and open their pockets.

Novelty poker shirt

More common than not, the joke poker shirt is sported by joke poker players. Which can work to your advantage in a real poker game as the table will mark you down as more Bluto than Popeye and be shell shocked that you're actually "strong to the finach, cause you eats your spinach", taking home the poker pot.

In truth probably the best poker shirt is the plain white tee. An invisiable blanket to block any tells and levy the looking price. Poker pro Phil Laak is the king of the invisible poker shirt with his trademark Unabomber hoodie.

But where's the fun in that?! We recommend going liberace and lace on the poker fashion runway and taking some risks in the name of the real poker shirt.

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