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If you can't make it to a real poker table, poker writers are the hit you need to get you to your next poker fix. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but if you want quality poker content, we recommend the big four in poker media.

Lance Bradley and Bluff

In 2011, poker writer Lance Bradley is the Editor in Chief at Bluff Magazine. Bradley remains an active poker writer and is a regular feature contributor.

Poker magazine

Launched in 2004 Bluff Magazine achieved a circulation of 150,000 USA readers within two months, growing to todays figure of 175,000 per issue. Bluff Europe launched in 2006 and within a year added 50,000 readers.

Alun Bowden and Poker Player

In 2011 poker writer Alun Bowden is Editor at Poker Player Magazine. Their poker writing archive goes back to 2005 and is free to access online. In 2005

Poker writer Alun Bowden

Dennis Publishing launched Total Gambler, renamed Poker Player in 2009. Today the UK magazine has circulation of 20,000 readers per issue and the online version of the magazine attracts 36,000 unique users each month.

Crispin Nieboer and The Poker Channel

In 2011 Crispin Nieboer remains CEO at Gaming Media Group, owner of the Poker Channel. Broadcasting poker to the masses.

Poker television

The Poker Channel was founded in 2005 by Crispin Nieboer and James Hopkins. Today over 10,000 hours of poker airtime are featured each year and viewing is available to over 100 million viewers Worldwide.

Jeff Shulman and Card Player

Jeff Shulman is poker editor of Card Player magazine and a major influence on today's poker writing. He is also no mean poker player, making the final table of the WSOP in 2000 and 2007, with over $3 million in career earnings.

Card Player Magazine was founded in 1998 and has a worldwide distribution of 300,000 copies per issue. Unlike other poker titles the magazine is fortnightly not monthly. Card Player Europe is distributed to over 30 countries.

The online version of the magazine generates over 4 million page views each month and over 190,000 users receiving their newsletter. A poker giant.

Real Poker Forum

Our newly launched bulletin board features poker freerolls, promotions and the latest information from Real Poker Site. Free to join.

Real Poker Guy

The Real Poker Guy blog keeps a keen watch on the real poker world, bringing you the news with a mischievous glint in his poker eye.

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