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Real poker is about more than cash. It is about glory and prestige, if only for a night! Poker bracelets are the ultimate symbol of victory in the game. These trinkets make a real difference to the physche of any poker game.  Players will fight tooth and nail for the prestige of capturing that elusive winner's bracelet.

WSOP Poker Bracelet

"To me, the bracelets have always been a really huge deal, because I knew that they represented history" - Phil Hellmuth Jr (winner of 11 WSOP bracelets)

WSOP Poker prize

The World Series of Poker has awarded winners poker bracelets since 1976. Founder Benny Binion's daughter Becky Behnen described this first design as "like gold nuggets hammered flat". The modern day version is a bedazzled diamond encrusted bling festival. The biggest prize in real poker.

WPT Tiffany Bracelet

"The Championship poker bracelet has become synonymous with poker as a a symbol of achievement and respect" - Steve Lipscomb (WPT Founder)

WPT Poker Prize

In 2008 the World Poker Tour commissioned Tiffany & Co to create a diamond and titanium bracelet. Poker giant Gus Hansen has won three World Poker Tour titles and is bracelet leader. A wristful of dollars for any poker cowboy.

Bargain Bracelet

It doesn't really matter whether its an elastic band or a Cartier gem fest. The trophy is everything, and letting your lucky winner rub salt in the wounds of his poker foes is priceless.

Poker Bracelet

Afforsable quality trophies and poker bracelets are hard to find for the mere mortal on a budget. Poker Bling is one of the few business online offering bling-tastic poker bracelets for less than the cost of a keg of beer. Budget bling!

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The Real Poker Guy blog keeps a keen watch on the real poker world, bringing you the news with a mischievous glint in his poker eye.

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