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Poker playing cards are the paint the poker player uses to create his poker masterpiece. Or in other words, we wouldn't get far in real poker without a pack of cards!

The US Playing Card Co.

Preferred choice of cards for the the World Poker Tour and the majority of casinos around the world who favour their Bee brand.

Bicycle, Hoyle, Bee and the US Playing Card Company

In 1885 the US Playing Card Co printed their first set of Bicyle playing cards, still their most popular playing card brand today 100 years on. Also infamous for launching their "Iraq Most Wanted" decks. Incredibly over 750,000 decks were sold in a single week.

Mainstream, dependable and easily available, the choice of the common man.

The Kem

The Kem brand is widely regarded as the best poker card in the World. Most US poker rooms use Kem playing cards and since 2007 they have been used at the World Series of Poker ( even though they show the Bicycle logo).

Kem playing cards

The US Playing Card Company own the Kem brand (did someone just fall off their chair?). These plastic beauties last longer, play better and as a result put a bigger hole in your pocket. But if you want the best, you better ditch the rest.

The Intellectual

You could be mistaken for thinking the US Playing Card Company are the only people making playing cards. Not so, despite their best efforts.

Kem playing cards

Italian supplier Dal Negro can claim a history producing the highest quality playing cards going back to 1756. A full 20 years before the Declaration of Independence in the US! European playing card designers ooze quality.

Playing cards for the player who wants to stand out from the poker crowd. A cup full of playing card history with a stiff dash of European culture.

The Disposable

The economy pack of playing cards - isn't worth the paper its printed on. 

These pokers cards are perfect for a well oiled table of hardened drinkers.  Dig a small hole before the game and bury them afterwards.  RIP.

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