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Real poker tools and downloads

Poker tools are systems and calculators intended to improve your win rate. Obviously turning up to a real poker game with your laptop, mobile phone connected to the information highway would be frowned upon! So you need to practice using tools to develop your own poker muscle memory!

Poker systems

Amazon lists over 2,000 authors willing to sell you their own brand of poker alchemy. However, few poker systems have stood the test of time.

Real poker tools

In 1979 poker legend Doyle Brunson published "Super System". His theories were so influential that Brunson believes it "probably cost him more money than he was paid for writing it".

Whichever system you choose to investigate, we like the words of composer Sebastian Bach - " Being a cover artist is not like being a real artist. That's just copying what someone else did."

Probability Tools

Calculating hand odds and pot odds has been a core skill since the first cards were laid. Unfortunately not everyone can caculate probability in less than a nano second. But these calculators can help improve your real game by rerunning hand scenarios and familiarising you with probability.

Calculating poker odds

Bluff Magazine recommend the Poker Pro Labs tool to analyse hand odds. Not much use at the real table when you are looking into the whites of the eyes of a poker assassin, but worth a look to get a feel for the probability. However, pot odds are even more important to manage your bank roll profitably.

Poker Tells

Welcome to the extremely inexact science of the poker tell. Interpreting body language has had professors arguing for hundreds of years, but in poker being able to "smell a hand" is the holy grail between just winning and greatness.

Real Poker Tells

Mike Caro's Book of Tells was the first attempt to develop a definitive system to detect the poker tell. Mike believed winning was 22% mathematics, 3% intuition, 8% luck, 15% discipline and 52% psychology! This literary poker tool is essential reading for any budding poker clairvoyant.

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The Real Poker Guy blog keeps a keen watch on the real poker world, bringing you the news with a mischievous glint in his poker eye.

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