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Real poker guards

Poker guards are designed to protect your cards from over eager mucking dealers and your own brain failures.

Medallion Man

The modern poker guard is shiny and new, usually sporting some cliched poker slogan or a rather unimaginative poker pic.

Real poker guards

Mass produced for the player who doesn't mind turning up to the party wearing the same outfit. A garden of chest hair is compulsory.

Lucky Mascot

For the more superstitious player the poker guard is an excellent opportunity to bring "lucky charms" to the table, under the pretense of protecting cards.

Poker guards for Comic Relief

The most famous mascot guard must be Jimmy White's clown nose (Comic Relief), no doubt a key factor in his ability to win the 2003 Poker Million!


For the player whose poker guard needs to be a little more adventurous, any ornament will suffice. Obviously size does matter at a poker table.

Collectible poker covers

Our current pick would be the rather tasteful line of poker pro statuettes fresh from the production lines of China. Any player covering their bullets with these beauties can rest easy that no one will dream of touching their cards.

Ancient Treasures

The most classy poker guard must surely be the antique poker chip. This poker guard says you are not part of the crowd, but rather an experienced poker connoisseur who should be respected. At least that's the theory!

The Rock

For the less romantic poker personality. A healthy disrespect for poker guards, this player instead elects to use a stone or anything else in his pocket.

In reality the poker guard reassures players possessing an over active paranoia gland and provides a rare opportunity to bring your lucky mascot to the table.

If you worry about someone pinching your bullets, short of nailing those cards to the table, the poker guard is as secure as it gets. They might even stop you mucking those AK suited hole cards after your fifth pint!

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