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Nothing makes a bolder statement about your poker alter ego than poker hats. Particularly popular among the folically challenged.

The Ed Hardy

Poker caps are ten a penny at any poker tournament. But the real poker hat connoiseur goes up market and spashes his poker pot on an Ed Hardy.

Ed Brady poker hats

Ed Hardy poker hats are a designer label in their own right, worn by celebrities and other mere mortals willing to invest 100$ plus in a cloth cap. No tacky poker ads or novelty items on this baby. A poker hat for classy winners.


Pimping up your poker head may sound dodgy, but the novelty or garrish poker hat is an ever present item at any tournament.

OK, we know poker pro Durr was wearing this poker hat for a bet, but it's still a birdie, sorry we mean beauty.

Unlikely to win you many friends, more likely to get you noticed which isn't necessarily a good thing when the chips are down. But if you stink at poker and still want to get noticed then this poker hat is for you. We recommend reading the wonderfully pimptastic "Mike Caro's Book of Tells" for authentic 70's hat.

Be The Cowboy

The classic cowboy hat is another common choice, made popular by a number of famous poker pros including Doyle Brunson and Chris Ferguson. 

Poker cowboy hats 1882

Of course real outlaws probably didn't have PHD's and pension plans. But if you want to "be the cowboy", buy yourself a 10 gallon hat and did out that chew tobacco. Yeeeeeeah ha!

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