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It's boom time for poker books with an seemingly endless supply of self professed poker prophets. Amazon list over 28,000 books about poker and the verocious appetitite for real poker scripts shows no signs of shrinking.

Get Rich Quick

This type of poker book applies more frequently to the author than the reader! However if you believe in poker alchemy these books are for you.

Win poker books

In 1976 David Sklansky published his book "Holdem Poker" advocating his infamous theory on "hand groupings". "Super System" by Doyle Brunson is credited with raising the level of poker play in the world. This genre of books adopt a scientific approach to poker and focuses heavily on mathematical theory and probability. Foundation skills for any real poker player.

Life and Death

Not surprisingly biographies of poker professionals (good or bad) are rarely a dull affair! These poker books are as close as you can get to crawling into the mind of poker professionalism and often contain gems of insight on great play.

Poker biographies

Two must reads in this genre are "Big Deal" and "The Man Behind the Shades: The Rise and Fall of Stuey 'The Kid' Ungar, Poker's Greatest Player". The former lets you live the life of a journeyman poker pro during his first year on the circuit. The latter lets you explore the extreme lows and highs of poker genius.

History of Poker

Poker can be traced back to the 1400's and renaissance times when it was called Le Poq. That's a lot of blood, sweat and stories left on the poker table!

Poker history books

Gangsters and lawmen. Politicians and dictators. Lords and labourers. Poker has been witness to some of the most influential people in history.

Education of a Poker Player by Herbert O. Yardley is the greatest real poker book ever written (even though todays popular Hold'em format doesn't even get a mention!). A biography, in reality this books historical importance to poker cannot be underestimated. First published in 1957 it records the experience of working Chicago's early illegal gambling houses, the poker theory of the day and the challenge of playing poker in darker days. Essential.

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