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The eyes are the windows to a poker players soul.  Body language experts suggest your eyes are most likely to give away your pair of bullets, or those rags in hand. Poker glasses are your protect your chip stack.

Real poker sunglasses

The big brains reckon eyes moving side to side indicate shiftiness and possible bluffing (weak hand). A glance at the pot may betray a desire for all those juicy chips (strong hand). Increasing blink rate telegraphs a liar, who has to keep thinking about what they are saying. Sounds like a load of Hoop La to us!

Even so, poker eyewear appears to be the only fashion accessory with the remotest chance of increasing your chip stack. 

Selecting your poker glasses

Eye glasses should be dark enough to keep prying eyes out, but not require play with a braille deck.

Royal Poker Glasses

Royal Poker Eyewear seem to be the "pick of the pros" right now, with numerous high profile players endorsing their line of poker glasses. However, for the less serious player any pair of dark sunglasses should do the job.

Mirror sunglasses seem popular too. Strange really. Protect the poker soul by reflecting a nice photo quality image of your hole cards?

But our all time greatest poker glasses belong to the Grand Old Man of Poker, Johnny Moss. Black rims, no designer label, clear glass, helped him see.

Johnny Moss poker glasses

Winner of three World Series of Poker titles and an all time great in the Hall of Fame. Hmm. Maybe poker glasses might not matter quite so much...

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