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Let's be honest, you could play poker on your Gran's old coffee table and still bang out a decent game. But for any player of any standard, owning your own poker tables is the ultimate status symbol, and the true meaning of the glorious mid life crisis. Poker tables fall into three broad categories:

Screw and Glue

Like a ninja moulding their own sword, the trip to mecca for any poker player is to carve and create their own unique table of dreams. Few will embark on such a task but those that manage it will have found true poker happiness.

Build your own poker table

Step by step guides to build your beloved poker table are widely available on the Internet. Obviously results are variable depending on how handy you are with a chisel and hammer! Poker buddies? Build It and They Will Come.

The Chippendale

For the craftsman in you, a professionally designed and rather ornate poker table to please any domestic goddess. These tables are made by furniture makers who take pride in their work, and charge accordingly.

Designer poker tables

Beautifully made, exclusive and classy. Definitely not for the poker riff raff.

Professional Poker Table

State of the art poker tables for that true professional poker experience. Expect to spend four figures sums to buy the Rolls Royce of poker tables.

GPI Poker Table

Gaming Partners International is one of the leading suppliers of poker tables to casinos around the World. Beyond the capabilities of most mere mortals. But never say never. All you need a bit of space at home and to sell one of the family cars. You know you're worth it!

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