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The professional poker player - a human being dedicated to late nights in well lit rooms surrounded by people who want to stab him in the back and take his money.

Anyone who's ever played in a professional poker tournament know's the intense pressure of being up against the best. Every hand a ball breaker, each move might be your last, every raise put to the test, the paralysis of fear.

Every poker player at any level dreams of becoming a pro, for at least one day.

And if you use cash to light your cigars, now you can. Today is the age of open registration, the pro poker tournament mantra is the more the merrier.

EPT Poker Tournamants

EPT Pro Poker Buy In

The European Poker Tour is the leading professional poker circuit outside the 'big two'. It is sponsored by Poker Stars but don't be fooled, EPT is all about real poker. Seats can be won online. The unlucky ones will need to register online to enter their poker tournaments. Those brave enough to put up stake money have to chance to take home between $500,000 and $2,000,000. Suckers clearly need not apply.

World Series of Poker

WSOP Poker Tournament

In vintage days the benchmark of poker prowess was winning the World Series at Binions Horseshoe casino. Legendary players such as Stu Ungar, Johnny Moss and Puggy Pearson went toe to toe. These early poker tournaments rarely had more than 50 players, just the very best poker had to offer.

Nowadays the magic has dimmed a little but it's still the most coveted title in poker. Demand soon outgrew Binions and the event is now held at the giant Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. Over6,000 players entered the last WSOP tournament. Buy-in is open to anyone with $10,000 spare change. Be lucky, that's alot of bad beats in one room!

WPT Poker Tournament

WPT Poker Tournament

The World Poker Tour stepped into the arena in 2003 and has been a juggernaut global success. 

Unlike the World Series of Poker, the best players and legends of the game are matched regularly and the Tour can claim to be the best way to establish the "best poker player in the world". The level of skill needed to succeed on the World Poker Tour is way beyond most poker mortals!

Still that's no reason to stop dreaming.

The WPT welcome all challengers with a small suitcase of stake money. Online registration is easy, albeit not for the faint-hearted!

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