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Pub poker is an excellent training ground to win your poker spurs without losing the life savings!

For a number of years there was some debate on the legalities of poker in the boozer and games were run discretely at best. If anything, this naughty but nice poker scene was a throw back to days of old when poker wasn't something your gran thought was safe for the kids.

Now pub poker is big business and socially acceptable. We miss the danger!

Poker Connectors

One of the first on the scene were seasoned pub poker people Poker Connectors, who launched a host a great poker night down the pub guide.

Key to their philosophy was to stick to low stakes games and keep it fun. The league formats organised in pub poker are incentive enough for most to play an 'honest' hand. Shamelessly, drinking appeared to be a key part too! 

Nowadays there are a number of pub poker entrepreneurs vying to cash in on the craze and become the dominant league organiser.

No one has managed it yet.

Poker Meet Up in the Pub

Finding a game used to be nigh on impossible. Nowadays it's at your fingertips.

We recommend beginners look for a small local game initially, rather than join one of the big pub poker leagues. Poker Meet Up is a hugely popular website, which lists hundreds of games being run privately each week, in the pub and at home. Or even simpler, mention it to friends and work colleagues. Someone will be running a game, the odds are on your side!

You will receive a warm welcome, there should be much more chat and laughs, and you might even win a few quid.

On the other hand, ante up now , join one of the big pub poker leagues and test your skills against all comers.

We love pub poker. Cheers!

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