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Learn the Texas Holdem poker lessons

Fancy some poker lessons but can't be bothered to read the text book?

Well you're in luck, as there's no shortage of poker websites willing to accept you into class and nurture your poker potential.

Real Poker Lessons

Everyone's an expert! But only a few are truly the poker real deal.

Poker coaching and mentoring is one option, albeit unless they have been there and done that, it sounds like a sure fire way to empty your wallet and take the fun out of your game.

WSOP poker lessons

Alternatively you could take no chances, and sign up for the World Series of Poker Academy instead. Live and personal training from real poker pros at the tables, and a great excuse to hit Vegas to boot ("career development"). Does it get any better?!

Virtual Poker Lessons

Any online poker site worth its salt will have interactive learning modules freely available. But this is REAL poker, not click and go!

Poker School Online is probably the leading poker lesson portal. Run by Poker Stars it has the 5 star pros support, and doesn't lack funding! But it's worth bearing in mind everyone else is following the same basic syllabus! Getting a real edge will be hard earned on the live, sweat pressured poker table.

Alternatively you could go really geek freak and seek out a poker pod cast or some other new fangled technology.

Podcast poker lessons

Poker pro Annie Duke seems to be the most hip and down with the kids (nice hoodie!). Her poker credentials are most definitely all grown up though!

Whatever anyone tells you, always remember the rather wise words of Field Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard von Moltke:

"No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy."

Or in other words, no one can give you a poker lesson on how a tired, drunk, depressed, angry, excited or desperate person will react under pressure.

And that is pretty good snapshot of any real poker player!

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