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Real poker video falls into two main categories, the movie blockbuster and the plethora of tuition poker DVDs / poker CDs available on the market.

The Poker Movie

The poker movie is a pretty loose term to describe any film that has a pack of cards or any reference at all to gambling. In fact there are very few poker movies all about poker. Most 'poker movies' usually just have a scene or two (usually the best ones!) to qualify.

Even fewer of the pure poker movies are any good, despite a good run in seventies hollywood.

Rounders Poker Movie

Our personal favourite for a genuine 'all poker' movie is Rounders from 1998, if only because it features the popular Texas Holdem format. However we know there's many many more great poker movies to explore. See Love Film's view on the top 10.

Video Poker Tuition

Learning poker from a DVD is great in theory. In no time at all you can be a master of pot odds and poker strategy (at least someone else's anyway).

But every new real poker player knows the dawning realisation that no other bugger at the table is acting rationally and following the theory! Real poker lessons are learn't the hard way, there being no substitute for hours spent learning at the table and gaining experience.

Mind you, if there's no action in town, watching poker on television beats no poker at all! Some video poker tuition is better than others, primarily based on who the presenter happens to be. 

Phil Hellmuth video poker tuition

Infamous poker professional Phil Hellmuth's series of poker gospels certainly get across his 'unique personaility' and are worth a look. He makes us laugh anyway and like him or loathe him, you can't dispute he is one of the poker legends.

In truth though, the best video poker tuition is the a celebrity free zone. Simple demonstrations on understanding the basics, pot odds and basic theory. 

You can then create your own Oscar winning performance at the table and not become a poker doppleganger for someone else.

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